Project Greater Jakarta Indonesia

2014-2015: Outreach Survey Street Children Jakarta Indonesia.

Project titel: Educating KDM rescue team in basic research and pilot on the characteristics, education and health condition of street children in Jakarta Indonesia

Project in collaboration with Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM) Jakarta Indonesia

Project objectives:

  1. To educate, train and guide the KDM rescue team in basic research, data collection, analysis and report writing.
  2. Learn about the pathways into street life.
  3. Learn about the characteristics, education and health condition of street children.
  4. Provide information for promoting reality based and tailor made programs for prevention of child homelessness and to improve the health condition of children living in the streets in Indonesia.

Expected outcomes

  1. KDM rescue team capacity built on basic knowledge about problem-oriented data collection in the field, data analysis and report writing.
  2. Information on pathways into child homelessness, how and where, including hotspot neighbourhoods and communities ‘producing’ street children. Indicators for prevention of child homelessness.
  3. Information on the background characteristics, education and health status of street children, to provide recommendations on program needs and street medicine. Indicators for need-based program components.
  4. A pilot report for KDM to be disseminated among relevant stakeholders and policy makers, to show how basic problem-based data collection can serve as an important tool for policy making and raising awareness in society for a better life of street children in Indonesia.

Results survey street children in Greater Jakarta

Between May and October 2014 four KDM outreach workers and 14 students of the University of Indonesia (UI) were trained to reach out and conduct an interview with 207 street children in 17 poor hot spot areas in Greater Jakarta. These results are in line with the expected outcomes and aggregated in a factsheet in February 2015. In consultation between KDM and DHF further steps are being explored.

15 02 05 Factsheet_Street children Jakarta_KDM DHF survey_5 Feb 2015

These results have been shared with Bonifatius Agung Herindra, Minister Counsellor at the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands, during the Rotary Netherlands-Indonesia  Day on 7th April 2015 at Bronbeek estate and Kampulan Congress Center.



Project Bandung Indonesia 

2010-2013: Bandung Street Children Program (BSCP).

DHF was the initiator, founder, technical advisor and fund raiser of this program in Indonesia. After the developing and starting up phase, the program has been handed over to local organizations to further guide and support street children in Bandung,

Publications Bandung Street Children Program Indonesia 2010-2013 

  1. Educating homeless girls and poor children at risk of school drop-out and homelessness in Bandung Indonesia: Project Proposal – January 2012
  2. Art in the Box: Evaluation Report of the Street Children Rescue Team Pilot, Bandung Indonesia April – October 2012
  3. Factsheet Bandung Street Children Program – March 2013
  4. BSCP Poster for International Street Medicine Symposium Boston USA October 2013




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