International presentations and networking to share street medicine lessons

2018 Oct: Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hosted the 14th International Street Medicine Symposium.

Program International Street Medicine Symposium Rotterdam 3-6 Oct 2018

ISMS 2018 Host City Rotterdam bidbook_June 2017


2017 Oct: Allentown, USA: Dutch delegation present at the 13th International Street Medicine Symposium.

2016 Oct: Geneva Switzerland: Intellectual Disability and Mortality among Dutch Homeless People: Efforts and Lessons of the Netherlands Streetdoctors Group. 12th International Street Medicine Symposium.



2014 Oct: Dublin Ireland: Some street medicine lessons from the Netherlands. 10th International Street Medicine Symposium.

Some street medicine lessons from the Netherlands_Dublin ISMS Oct 2014

Dutch Team at ISMS

2013 Nov: Boston USA: Response to an urban health disaster: the Bandung Street Children Program Indonesia. Project presentation at the 9th International Street Medicine Symposium.


2012 April: Dubai: Bandung street children program and international support. Project presentation at Rotary Club of Dubai.

2012 March: Jakarta Indonesia: Bandung street children program. Project presentation at KDM and Humpuss Jakarta.

2011 Sep. Bangung Indonesia. Help street children in Bandung. Project proposal presentation at Rotary Clubs in Bandung, NGO Semak child support and SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia.

2007 Nov: Houston, USA: sharing the ENHW goals at the 3nd International Street Medicine Symposium. Meeting Jack Preger (Calcutta Rescue), David Buck (Houston), Nigel Hewett (Leicester, UK), Pat Perri (Boston), Jim Withers (Pittsburgh), Jim O’Connell (Boston), Karim Sayed (Oslo), Jose Vargas Vidot (Puerto Rico).

2007 Sept: Oxford, UK: EHNW launch at the 2nd Oxford Health and Homelessness Conference. Meeting Angela Jones, Jim Withers, Jill Roncerati, Alistair Story, Austin O’Carroll.

2007 June, Amsterdam, visit by Ole Hovind, Homeless Hospital Oslo Norway

2007 March: initiative, contribution and launch ENHW Newsletter no. 1.

2007 February: Barcelona: visit Associacio Rauxa, meeting Dr. Maria Luisa Marin i Puig.

2007 January: BrusselsEuropean Network of Homeless Health Workers (ENHW) established; initiators Dr. Angela Jones and Dr. Igor van Laere in collaboration with Freek Spinnewijn, director Feantsa and Dearbhal Murphy, polic officer Feantsa.

2006 Nov: Santa Barbara, USA: presentation of the Amsterdam care model for homeless people at the 2nd International Street Medicine Symposium. Meeting Jack Preger (Calcutta Rescue), David Buck (Houston), Jim Withers (Pittsburgh), Jim O’Connell (Boston).

2006 Oct: AmsterdamWorkshop Doctors for Homeless, at the 5th International Conference on Urban Health. Workshop initiative and organization; participants: Dr. Angela Jones (Homelessness & Health Oxford, UK), Jill Roncarati (Boston Health Care Program for the Homeless, USA), Jim Withers (Street medicine Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh, USA), Igor van Laere (Ambulatory Medical Team, Municipal Public Health Service GGD Amsterdam).

2006 Sept: Oxford UK: Inaugural Oxford Conference on Homelessness and Health. Meeting with host Dr.Angela Jones and Alistair Story.

2006 March: Poland, Warsaw: Meeting with Feantsa working group ‘Homelessness and Health’, introduction and presentation ‘Doctors for Homeless’; mission, objective and needs. Meeting with Freek Spinnenwijn, Dearbhal Murphy, Sue Irving, Pip Bevan, Dr.Maria Luisa Marin i Puig.

2005 Nov: contact with Dr.Jim Withers, founder and director of Operation Safety Net, Pittsburgh, USA. Introduction of an American network of medical doctors, nurses and others practicing Street Medicine; exploring international collaboration on homelessness and health.

2005 May: contact with Freek Spinnenwijn, director of Feantsa Brussels, to build an European network of health workers, as medical voice for homeless people; with the goal to integrate social and medical care, to better serve homeless populations.

2005 March: Contact with John Lozier, National Health Care for the Homeless Council, USA, exploring collaboration on homelessness and health, access to housing and human rights.

2004 May: Scotland, Dundee: Presentation homelessness and health in an international perspective at the Better Health for Homeless People Conference Meeting Robert Aldridge of SCSH and Dearbhal Murphy, policy officer of Feantsa Brussels. Introduction to SCSH by Mrs. Rina Beers, policy officer at the Dutch Fedaration of Shelter (Federatie Opvang).

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